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Minimalism.. is it for you?

Ok.. Who loves decor AND an EXTENSIVE wardrobe?? I KNOW I DO!! 

Can I tell you guys something? I also have some pretty major anxiety. I get super nerved up, my mind races, thoughts galore. Then, I just get scared for some reason. Typically I break out into hives along with it. My ears get really hot, can hear my heart beating...Its pretty nutty, if you arent picking up what I'm putting down.....fell blessed.


So, just like anyone else this day in age I started researching it, and its link to clutter. That's when I came across minimalism.  Defined as:  

Definition of minimalism 


1: a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity

After finding out what exactly it was, I hit up some documentaries, and added myself to a few groups/pages. I have come to understand everyone has their own definition and reasons for minimizing. I would see several people per day in said groups asking.."is this room minimalist?" " is this a minimalist closet?" " how do i minimize this..." You see; it has a different definition for everyone. If you feel you truly need something to be happy, KEEP IT! its totally fine, and the minimal police wont come and take you to clutter jail.... you dont have to live with one bowl, and cup, and sleep outside. LOL

My idea of minimalism- I don't have excessive amounts of clothing or shoes..( easier to decide what to wear)

We  don't have an overly decorated home..( it almost looks like we are about to move lol) WITH THE EXCEPTION of CHRISTMAS bc I love it!! 

I'm never scared to give something away!! I ask myself.." does this bring me joy?" "When have I used this last?" With everything I Purge I feel as if I have a weight off my shoulders!

Now y'all... don't get me wrong... I seriously have a mini crock pot, small crock pot, medium and large...BUT I use all of them!!

my goal here was to help anyone struggling with anxiety. If you fell the way I did, this is something you should consider.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!!


Give to those less fortunate, and donate any items collecting dust or taking up space!

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