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Monday was the beginning of a journey for us.

Monday’s suck. Let’s face it. I’m writing this now at 12:56 am on Thursday because it’s taken me this long to open up to everyone about it.... we had a doctors appointment Monday.  Rhett has always been different and maybe a little difficult... but we are used to it. At two he’s not really saying a whole lot.

Our pediatrician suspects he has ASD ( autism spectrum disorder) we are on a waiting list for the Marcus Center. The wait is quite long.. it’s expected possibly six months to a year. The insurance side of it is draining to say the least. Although this news was hard to hear from a doctor we are hopeful and know our strong little guy will prevail. 

Please keep us in your thoughts! Send us all your positive vibes. 

I just wanted to share with my Rusic Peach Family, as this journey could be long.  I apologize for any unanswered emails, or messages. It’s just been a hard week. Love you all and thank you for your support. 



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  • Elizabeth on

    You are amazing

  • Becky Caldwell on

    Prayers for all…

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