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Sometimes things don’t work.

I really wanted to be trendy. I wanted to make the cool, fun, layered, vibrant bath bombs. Typically, having a rustic theme; I mold everything by hand. These things had me so mad. Almost in tears I tell you!! As they broke they were so beautiful. You could see each layer, and color. Each color carefully chosen and placed just so. These broken bombs remind me of a timeless life lesson... find the beauty in every situation! Everything you’re going through is preparing you for where you’re going. Right now I’m going to sit in my sons TeePee. After that, I’m gonna come out stronger and finish those Bombs! 

Bless and be blessed!

- The TeePee Typer-

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  • Lois Troska on

    Be thankful for the teePee and the relaxation of the quiet space and thank God for all your blessings and he will help you with your Bombs and they will turn out beautiful with his hands guiding yours. Have a wonderful day, Love you much.

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